What to Look for in a Dental Insurance Plan?

Unlike dental care plans, dental insurance plans go through quite an intricate process. Insurance plans need to be approved by the insurance company before the dentist starts the treatment plan. Insurance policy holder should set an appointment with the doctor, and thereafter the dentist will fill in a dental form which will be sent to the insurance company for review and approval. Dental insurance plans have maximum limits wherein only certain procedures along with their costs are carried out in a given year. Having said this, it is essential to know your own dental insurance plan particularly how much it can cover.

What to Look for in a Dental Insurance Policy?

When looking for a dental insurance plan, consider these following questions in mind:

  • Am I qualified for the coverage?
  • Can I choose my own dentist? Or does the insurance company select the dentist?
  • Am I in control of my treatment plan? Note: the Dental Maintenance Organizations (DMOs) has a negative reputation of controlling the treatment plan and under-treating dental problems.
  • Does the insurance policy cover the preventive services as well as emergency services?
  • Is there a part in the treatment plan where I spend my own money?
  • What are the drawbacks and limitations of the chosen insurance plan?
  • Will the insurance policy allow referrals to other specialists?

Important: Not all questions above can be answered by the dentist. The type of insurance policy provided to you depends on the contract negotiated between your employer and the insurance company. If you have clarifications, contact your employer.

Does the Insurance Policy Cover all the Dental Procedures?

selecting dental insuranceInsurance companies impose coverage limits on dental insurance plan. Certainly, outlays for diagnostic and preventive dental treatments are insured by the company. Dental services that cost very dear such as cosmetic dentistry are excluded from the insurance plan.

In some cases, insurance companies allow overlapping of insurance policies such as the medical health insurance is utilized to cover for some dental services or treatments. However, this rarely happens and this would entirely depend on the conditions set by the insurance company. Make sure to read the fine prints and precondition clauses of the insurance plan.

What Consists the Basic Dental Insurance Plan?

Essentially, dental insurance policy should cover diagnostic services as well as preventive care treatment as it is the goal of dental insurance plan is to prevent or stop the development of periodontal problems. Diagnostic services include regular checkups, imaging tests such as X-ray and consultation. Meanwhile, preventive care services include root canal filings, permanent fillings and simple tooth extraction.

Note: A good dental insurance policy is an insurance plan that pays up to 80% of dental services and treatment.

How to Find a Good Dental Insurance Plan?

There are many good dental insurance plans in the market today. You might consider looking for them online as they are easier to find on the web. Some websites have comparison charts and insurance policy finders wherein anyone can find a dental insurance plan tailored to ones budget and overall dental needs.

Talk to your friends who might have dental insurance policies and consider what they experienced.

Dental insurance plans are helpful undertakings as you might never expect. Dental services, as we all know, cost very dear. In America, dental costs rise faster than inflation, and it takes even a hundred dollars to fix a broken tooth! Having dental insurance plans can save you from this cost. After all, we need to have our teeth checked by our dentists twice a year, so how about considering a dental insurance plan?