Throbbing Tooth Pain After Root Canal: Tips To Get Rid Of It

It then saves the tooth that was infected and stops the bacteria from spreading. But the term “root canal” actually means the space within the center of the tooth wherein the pulp is located and the nerves in the tooth lies within it. Usually when performing a root canal procedure, patient feels a throbbing tooth pain after root canal. People come to dentists to have their tooth checked out because of throbbing pain and then once they are given a root canal treatment, they feel that throbbing tooth pain again. It doesn’t mean that if there is a throbbing tooth pain after root canal treatment, the procedure did not go well. This throbbing tooth pain after root canal is just actually normal because the teeth become more sensitive that’s why people can easily feel the pain. After root canal procedures, the teeth become sensitive because of the infection before the root canal treatment was performed.

Patients who gone through root canal will have to expect a throbbing tooth pain after root canal procedure for about a few days but there are cases that happen for weeks.

Other than the throbbing tooth pain after root canal, you’ll also be expecting tender gums and tooth but it will last only for a few days. You might also experience inflammation in the root of the affected tooth. This is why you have to take your antibiotic. But you’ll still need to have your teeth checked with the dentist.

Experiencing throbbing tooth pain after root canal is definitely very difficult since you cannot do anything about it because that is the normal effect after root canal procedures. Knowing that you cannot eat anything because of your sensitive tooth, even soft foods would still hurt. All you have to do is deal with it, and wait for days until the pain goes away.

How do you manage that throbbing tooth pain after root canal? Over-the-counter pain relievers could help but this would not be enough. You need stronger pain relievers to be able to get by that throbbing tooth pain.

Ways on Managing Throbbing Tooth Pain After Root Canal:

As mentioned, strong pain relievers can help

Warm water with salt therapy can also help with the tooth pain. Warm temperature will soothe the nerves in your teeth and decreasing the pain. Do this therapy for several days until pain becomes bearable for you.

Take any antibiotics that were prescribed by the dentist for you. These could help with the pain and speeds up the healing process. This will also prevent any occurrence of infection again, thus reducing any possibilities of pain.

Listed above are only a few remedies for throbbing tooth pain after root canal that can help you manage the pain. In addition to the list, regular check up with the dentist is still needed for faster recovery from the root canal treatment and to be able to identify if there are complications that have developed after the procedure.

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