Throbbing Tooth Pain Relief: Best Ways To Cure The Horrible Pain

Throbbing tooth pains give you a hard time in doing things since you get distracted from that pain. Anything you do—eating, drinking, talking—even when you’re just sitting, you will still feel that throbbing pain. You’re lucky if you’re able to bear the pain. With this severe toothache, you will need much stronger pain relievers for you to be able to get by the day. These throbbing tooth pains are not just normal toothaches that we feel and can be disregarded once the pain subsides. You need to have this checked immediately because it might be caused by infections in the tooth. It is necessary that once you feel this throbbing pain, immediate visit to the dentist is a must. However, how will you be able to relieve from the pain temporarily while you wait for your appointment to the dentist?

Here are some tips for throbbing tooth pain relief:

Cold Water Remedy
Drink a small amount of cold water, enough to fill your mouth and be able to gargle around the affected tooth. Hold it for about five seconds.

This is just applicable to those whose teeth are not sensitive to cold fluids. With this low temperature, it numbs the gums and lessens the pain. However, ice waters are not preferable and should not be used because it might add to the pain. And only plain waters, no alcohols or carbonated drinks.

Hot Water Remedy
If your tooth is sensitive to cold drinks, then hot water can be an alternative. This can soothe the nerves inside the pulp of the affected tooth thus giving you a throbbing tooth pain relief even when it’s just temporary.

Coffee, tea, or soups, can also give throbbing tooth pain relief, as long as it has no sugar or milk; otherwise, it could cause more pain instead of relieving from it.

Onion and Garlic
Both of these crops are said to be relievers from toothache. With onion, it must be eaten in raw form. Chew a piece of raw onion and place it on the affected area. It relieves you temporarily from the pain and it also acts as an antiseptic that kills bacteria and cleans your teeth.

With garlic, all you need to do is place it on the affected tooth with little rock salt. This is said to be an effective throbbing tooth pain relief that can be found at home.

Brushing Teeth
Toothpastes contain chemicals that numb any pain from the gum line. Of course brushing can be painful when it’s touching the painful tooth. But bear the pain for a bit and it can give you throbbing tooth pain relief. Just continue brushing until you feel that the pain has reduced. After brushing, you can then do a hot or cold water remedy.

The points mentioned above are just some ways on throbbing tooth pain relief but they are not treatments from the pain. They are just temporary reliefs and you still need to see your dentist in order to identify the cause and permanently fix them. If not, the pain will just occur again and might even be worse.

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