Which is a Better Option: Extraction or Root Canal Treatment?

According to the recent survey of the American Association of Endodontists, 76% of the Americans prefer root canal treatment over tooth extraction, and the figure is constantly rising up to the present.

8 Reasons Why Root Canal Treatment is a Better Option Than Tooth Extraction:

  1. Root canal treatment is a natural procedure. The biological tooth in the root canal treatment is saved and preserved.
  2. It is safer. As easy as it seems, not all extractions are safely done. For instance, not all dentists can perform surgical extraction of molars. This can be a hard thing to do especially if the dentist doesn’t have the expertise and right equipment for surgical extraction.tooth extraction
  3. Is a cleaner procedure. Contamination is more likely to occur in tooth extraction than in root canal treatment. Study revealed that up to 80% of bacteria are spread out in the blood stream when a tooth extracted.
  4. Tooth extraction is only cheap at the outset. Simple tooth extraction is by all means cost-effective. However, if you decide for teeth replacement, it will cost you a lot. Dental bridges, dentures and implants cost an arm and a leg.
  5. There is a higher chance of misalignment with tooth extraction. Because of missing tooth, teeth become extremely mobile leading to more problems.
  6. Missing tooth are aesthetically unappealing. Incomplete teeth are physically unpleasant. More than that, they can lead to speech and chewing problems.
  7. Root canal treatment is more economical. Tooth extraction may be cheap at the beginning but it will actually cost you more along the way if you make your mind up for dental implants and dental bridges.
  8. Root canal treatment spares original tooth. Permanent teeth only grow once, so you can never have them back once they are pulled out.

Given the justifications above, it is safe to say that root canal treatment is a better alternative than tooth extraction.

… so, to answer the question, which is a better option: tooth extraction or root canal treatment?

If your tooth is salvageable (as assessed by your dentist), single out root canal treatment. Unless you have severely decayed tooth and is causing abscess, have your teeth removed instead. True. Root canal treatment comes with multiple visits to dentist but this is a much better scenario than not having good, proper meals because of tooth loss. While dental dentures can be one option for root canal treatment, reports say that they are more painful than decayed tooth themselves!

There is so much dreadful misconception about root canal treatment, but with technological advances in the sphere of dental medicine, root canal treatment has become less painful.

About Endodontists

In the United States alone, there are 4,000 active endodontists that manage and treat tooth infection. And for the past 20 years, the number of root canal specialists has grown by about 85% outnumbering the general practitioners. Endodontists not only perform root canal treatment but they also repair cracked and avulsed teeth as a result of trauma.

In order to become a fully-pledged endodontist, he or she must take four years dental schooling and another 2 or more years in advanced endodontic training.

More Interesting Facts and Figures about Root Canal Treatment

  • 85% patients who undergo root canal treatment say that they will come back to endodontist for future work.
  • Americans have strong disagreement about losing natural tooth.
  • Women outnumbered men in tooth extraction.
  • 58% of patients who have their tooth extracted did not replace it with bridge, denture or implant.