An Overview on Dental Care Plans

Definition of Dental Care Plans

Dental care plans are discount plans sold through private dental clinics. It is a method of availing different dental care treatment at cheaper price tags. In dental care plan, companies and dental facilities have pre-negotiated, discounted price list for different dental treatment and service.

How Dental Care Plans Work

Dental care plan is a membership system in which participating networks of dentists charged members with lower priced dental services. Dental care plans are great alternatives to expensive dental insurances policies. For as low as $80 per annum, a person can readily avail a dental care plan.

Like dental insurance, members of dental care plans agree to pay monthly dues. Only basic services can be covered by dental care plans. However, in very rare cases, some companies offer cosmetic dentistry services such as whitening treatment and other health benefits.

Members of dental care plans are given with membership cards which they present upon their checkout to receive the discounts. Dental care plans are usable everywhere so long as the dentist at service is a member of the plan. When registering for dental care plans, a person has to only fill in an enrollment form and pay the required fees.

Benefits of Dental Care Plans

dental care plans overviewThe good thing about dental care plans is that there are no deductibles for members. In addition to this, members do not have to wait for their claims or approval for a long period of time — a scenario very common to dental insurance policies. The amount of monthly premiums is the same for each month making a dental care plan highly predictable.

One disadvantage about dental care plans is that they are only employed for basic and minor dental treatments. Otherwise, payment has to come from ones pocket. Another drawback is that, members can barely choose their dentist as it would be based on the insurance provider’s network of approved dentists. Due to provision of discounted dental rates, some say that they sometimes receive poor dental work.

Difference Between Dental Care Plans and Dental Insurances

Dental care plans should not be confused with dental insurance policies. A clear difference between the two is that dental plans are more affordable than dental insurance plans. A single dental plan is comparable to two monthly premiums of dental insurance. Furthermore, dental care plans are more convenient such as patients do not necessarily wait for insurance companies to approve their claims. Hence, the member can immediately avail the benefit of dental care plan.

Who Needs Dental Care Plans

Anyone can avail dental care plans. If you don’t need major dental treatment such as surgery or root canal treatment — only normal cleanings — then you are better off on dental care plans. It should be mentioned that dental plans only work best for individuals who need teeth low maintenance.

Availability of Dental Care Plans

Due to ballooning costs of dental care treatment, dental care plans are a commonplace in the market. Dental care plans are easily accessible in large dentist networks. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that dental care plans are sometimes offered as employment perk. Hence, find out whether your employer is offering it. If not, ask someone who knows a dentist who can recommend a dental plan.

Interested applicants can also sign up online. Dental care plans are easier to find on the web as there are websites that provide comparison charts among companies that offer dental care plans.

When applying online, you don’t have to hurry. Internet is rife with dental care choices. Compare each plan specifically the procedures covered, the annual membership fee, percentage of discounts and the network of dentists. The right plan for you is the dental care plan that is right for your budget and overall dental needs.