Abscessed Tooth Add To Your Knowledge The Facts of This Infection

People mistakenly think that once they are able to get away with toothaches, they’ll be fine and won’t need to pay a visit to the dentist anymore. That’s the common mistake that most people commit and they must change this. Although toothaches are only caused by tooth decays or dental cavities, however, severe tooth decays left untreated can lead to abscessed tooth. An abscessed tooth is an infection at the root of the tooth or at its center part called “pulp”. This happens when there is an opening in the tooth that then allows the bacteria in the mouth to infect the inner parts of the tooth, specifically the pulp. Abscessed tooth is an infection in the tooth that needs to be treated immediately. If left untreated, it may be fatal.

This is because the bacteria spreads around the teeth to the jaw, and may spread to the brain causing death.

Usual causes of an abscessed tooth, other than severe tooth decay, are fractured tooth (either broken or chipped), gum diseases specifically gingivitis. With gum disease, it causes the gums to somewhat be detached from the teeth creating small spaces or openings. Due to these spaces, some food particles tend to build up in these spaces that will help bacteria to grow and infect the root of the tooth; thus creating an abscess in the tooth.

Being aware of the symptoms of abscessed tooth enables you to have it treated immediately and can help you prevent it from worsening. It is better to have it treated as early as possible before the bacteria spreads out to the jaw. Symptoms of abscessed tooth are, red swollen gums or swelling in your jaw or face, throbbing tooth pain which is a severe toothache, bad salty taste and sometimes bitter taste, foul smell, sensitivity of the tooth, and fever which is due to the infection.

Once you have noticed the symptoms, have it checked by the dentist immediately. While waiting for the dental appointment, it would be better to perform home treatment just to be able to relieve from the throbbing tooth pain and help with lessening the infection even for a bit. Effective remedy is rinsing with warm water with salt. This helps soothes the nerves and lessens the throbbing tooth pain. It also acts as a cleaner and lessens the bacteria infecting the tooth. Although this treatment cannot completely cure the infection, still it helps in preventing to spread. And since this treatment is just temporary, you still need to visit the dentist and have the abscess and infection be completely removed.

Taking good care of your teeth is important to be able to prevent tooth problems.  Abscessed tooth can happen to anyone regardless of age. Without proper care of teeth can cause several tooth problems and abscessed tooth may be one of them. Prevent abscessed tooth by regular brushing and flossing. Regular visits to the dentist are also important because dentist can fix or replace any fillings that need to be replaced to prevent tooth decay and any chances of having abscessed tooth.

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