About Me

My Pain

My name is Michael. I’ve a problematic cavity. I visit the dentist more than my folks due to toothaches from cavities or defective fills). I had on/off relationship with stinging & throbbing pains but I refused to take painkillers. (due to side-effects which are harming my other medical problems, that’s beyond the scope of this site!)


My Treatment

Then came 1 day when the pain was no longer bearable. The dentist advised root canal treatments for my deep cavatiszed tooth & 1 abscessed tooth. The costs? Ranging from $400 – $1500! More tests are required to determine the exact costs but it sure sent a stinging pain to my pocket!

“Do you have dental insurance?” – The Dentist asked.

I wished! It did not occur to me I’ll would ever require such big-ticket procedures as long as I maintain my dental hygiene consistently. Ok, may not consistently. Learnt my lesson, a painful one.


My Plan Ahead

Either go with a dental insurance or a dental care plan if you want to save yourself from the final bill shocks at the dentists. I’ve done the homework so you don’t have to.