Throbbing Tooth Pain: Know How To Survive And Reduce It

We all have gone through toothaches in our lives, no matter at what age—during childhood or adulthood. There will also come a time that we experience toothaches wherein we cannot handle the pain anymore. Throbbing tooth pain is a severe toothache and one of those pains that you can never easily be relieved from. You’d need stronger pain reliever to be able to get by it. You’ll get distracted by the pain and you’ll not be able to concentrate on your work or school. But what really causes throbbing tooth pain? There can be plenty of causes of throbbing tooth pain. The following are some common causes of the pain.


Dental Cavities or Tooth Decay

This is the most common cause of toothaches and also tooth extractions. This happens when the bacteria that is in our mouth changes the food—specifically carbohydrates—into acids creating a plaque. That plaque destructs the enamel that is protecting the teeth, thus creating cavities in the tooth. This then causes the tooth be sensitive to cold and sweets. Some dental cavities don’t actually cause severe pains; but if left untreated, it might cause throbbing tooth pain and may even lead to tooth abscess.

Tooth Abscess
It happens when there is an infection in the pulp, which is the center part of the tooth, and that infection continues to develop at the root of the tooth. This happens when the tooth is broken due to cavities, hence allowing bacteria to infect the pulp. This then will lead to inflammation

within the tooth and results to throbbing tooth pain. This must be checked and treated immediately to prevent the infection from spreading.

Tooth Fracture
This is when the tooth is cracked or broken. When there is a crack in the tooth, this allows the bacteria to enter and infect the pulp and will result to throbbing tooth pain. So when you have a tooth fracture, immediately visit the dentist and have it fixed in order to avoid any severe tooth pains.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth
Growth of wisdom teeth may be painful but still tolerable to some. But when the pain becomes too much for you to handle, it might be a different case. Impacted wisdom tooth happens when the tooth is not able to erupt properly out of the gum and causing throbbing tooth pain. The only way to treat this is through surgery because that wisdom tooth needs to be extracted.

Gum Disease
Gum diseases don’t actually cause throbbing tooth pain. But when it worsens, for instance when there is an inflammation present, it may lead to severe pain. Gingivitis and Periodontitis are common gum diseases that may cause throbbing tooth pain.

It is important that you have knowledge about the causes of throbbing tooth pain to be able to avoid them in the future. Proper brushing of teeth can prevent bacteria from destroying the teeth. Regular visits to the dentists are also recommended to be able to prevent throbbing tooth pain.

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